Familie in Bewegung (Family in movement)

The Aim of our new project „Familie in Bewegung” is to bring parents and their children together for common sport exercises at the calisthenics park of the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg.

For that we supplemented the devices and made them more child-friendly so that the small sportswomen and sportsmen have more possibilities for play, sport and movement.

One time per week children and parents learn in supervised groups simple basic exercises which they can do in their free time at the calisthenics devices too.


“Familie in Bewegung” is a cooperation of sports center, family office, health management and the department of sport science of the university.

It is part of the initiative “Bewegt studieren – Studieren bewegt 2.0” which is sponsored by Techniker Krankenkasse and adh.





Who can take part?

The project “Familie in Bewegung” adresses children at the age from 4 to 9 and their parents.


How does the enrollment works?

If you are interested in a participation you can enroll for the courses in our booking system.

Just follow the link.


How many children can take part?

Every person that is enrolled can bring along one child. For a brother or sister an additional enrollment is necessary.


What are the fees?

During the pilot phase of the project (Jan. 2021 – Dec. 2021) the courses are free.

From Jan. 2022 the fees are:

  • Students with child 10,00 € per course
  • Employees with child 15,00 € per course
  • Every additional child 15,00 € per course

Last Modification: 10.11.2021 - Contact Person: Jule Sander