Legal Instruction

  • Proper registration via internet is required for participation in university sports.
  • Academic affiliates of Magdeburg Otto-von-Guericke University and Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (civil servants excluded) receive insurance coverage via their academical department upon registration. External participants do not have insurance coverage!
  • In order to avoid accidents, instructions of trainers, further responsible staff, and of the gym attendants have to be observed!
  • Upon sport or travel accident, a notification of accident has to be made immediately (at the latest within three business days)!

As a matter of principle, an accident insurance consultant, a so called "Durchgangsarzt", has to be seen after a sports accident at university sports. A list of these medical doctors is available at the gym attendants or via download (please go to Service > Download > Accident Insurance Consultants SPOZ).

Before medical treatment, it has to be pointed out to the doctor that the accident happened at work/school. Injured indiviuals, whose medical treatment and rehabilitation is coverd by their legal accident insurance, do not have to present their insurance card.

  • Each athlete is obligated to inform himself/herself about the rules of conduct valid for the particular sports facility (gyms, indoor swimming pools, boathouses, riding schools etc.) before the first class starts. Furthermore, he/she has to commit himself/herself to observe the rules of conduct (if necessary, read notices, or ask the responsible trainer!).
  • The athlete is obligated to proper payment (if applicable) according to specific regulation. Otherwise, the athlete will be expelled from class. Fees must be paid by the athlete in any case.
  • Money, values, clothing etc. are not insured against theft. The athlete himself/herself is responsible for a safe storage of his/her belongings. 
  • Specific safety regulations (e.g. Federal Waterway Regulations, FIS rules or similar) will be disussed in the particular sports class.
  • Upon registration, the athlete will be asked to confirm his/her agreement with the articles of the legal instruction.

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